Finding the Value in a Home Security System

In 2012 over 2 million combined burglaries and robberies took place in the United States and the average burglar took less than 1 minute to break into the home. Of those reported, 60% of the burglars used forcible entry and 30% were able to enter the premises through either an unlocked door or window. A reported average of 90% of burglars, when asked, said that they would avoid homes with any sort of alarm system. 74% of homes that had an audible alarm system completely stopped the intrusion from occurring and homes without an alarm system are nearly 3 times more likely to be burglarized.

With the rise of home security systems, statistically the rate of home burglaries in the last 10 years has declined by about 53%. Currently the market is ripe with choices for consumers, at many price points which is convenient in the current economic climate. There are a variety of choices on the market that have options beyond just arming the home. With the rise in the smartphone being everywhere almost all home security companies offer free mobile apps that allow the customer to monitor their home from anywhere in the world.

For the more tech savvy consumer there are a bevy of features available including an assessment of the consumers’ safety habits, a way to view the crime rate in the area as well as custom alerts and text messages. For instance, if the consumer has a regular bedtime, a reminder can be set alerting that the alarm has not been activated. In addition to all of these features, most home security systems are equipping the consumer with the ability to link up to their smoke alarms, carbon dioxide alarms and even providing personal life saving items.

While the face of home security systems is rapidly changing with new technology, it is providing the consumer with the ability to feel safe and sound in their home. Even when they are not at home, there are ways to protect the children and pets with the real time streaming video. This allows the consumer to feel like they are in charge of their environment even when they may be thousands of miles away. Equipping a home with a home security system provides the owner with the security that someone else is keeping a watchful eye in the case of a fire, carbon dioxide poisoning as well as theft.

Overall, regardless of which product the consumer may choose, it is a statistical fact that they are better off when the home is protected. It sets their minds at ease and allows them to sleep soundly at night, knowing that they have done everything they can to enforce the security in their home. In addition, they can even receive discounts on their home owners insurance and in the long run a home security system is definitely a safe bet that pays off.