Teaching Teens How to React to Home Alarms

Growing up, you probably hear stories from your parents or grandparents about when you could go out and leave your door unlocked without the fear of being robbed. Growing up you may have also been able to go to school or outside to play and leave the door unlocked. Unfortunately, the world has changed and crime has increased to a point where more and more people are buying security systems in order to protect themselves as well as their loved ones. There are several security systems available, however if you don’t use them correctly you could do more harm than good when it comes to protecting your family. That’s why it is important for everyone to learn how to use as well as react to home alarms.

Children and teenagers especially need specific instructions on how to react to alarms for two reasons. One because they are the ones most likely to come home first on a daily basis and second because they are the ones that are most likely to forget. Teenagers are more likely to remember important information about home alarms, if they are part of the process. This includes being present when the alarm company is discussing the various types of alarms and alarm features. When parents allows teenagers to listen in when alarm companies are discussing alarm systems and features, they feel like they are part of the decision making process. It also gives teenagers the opportunity to ask questions and give their input on how to make the home safer for the entire family.
When deciding on security codes or numbers, parents or caregivers should also allow teenagers the opportunity to give suggestions. This will not only help teenagers to remember security codes but, makes them aware that they are a responsible part of keeping the family safe from intruders and that the codes are not to be revealed to anyone. One the alarm system and features have been selected, have a family meeting to go over all of the alarm codes and what they mean. Make copies and place them in places where they are easily accessible for review. Children learn best through repetition and routine, that is why daily reminders and instructions on how to react to home alarms will help teenagers as well as younger children know what to do when it comes to home security systems.

Teenagers are old enough and responsible enough to arm and disarm alarm systems, however parents should also give specific instructions on when to activate the alarm system as well as any features. Home alarm systems has many options therefore teenagers should be aware of all of them, especially the ones for the police and fire department. With the recent increase of daytime home burglaries and forced entries, teenagers should also be particularly made aware of how to use the panic button. As an added measure of security you can create passwords that will let teenagers know that upon your return, you are alone and that is safe to deactivate the alarm in order for you to come in. It is also a good idea to make sure teenagers know the password just in case they activate the alarm by mistake. Parents should also create and discuss plans on what to do when the alarm system goes off. The plan should be similar to a plan use in case of fires and should include escape routes, hiding places, and places to meet outside of the home.

Protecting your family is your number one priority. Why not let your teenagers help, by teaching them how to properly use and execute the alarm system in your home. Teenagers are not only old enough but can be a valuable asset in helping you keep your home and loved ones safe from harm.