Security Systems in Homes with Pets

We live in a society where there are those who don’t mind making your things theirs. With burglaries and home invasions are on the rise and most folks want to do all we can to protect our family, our pets, and our things.

Home security is something that most folks overlook or they start out very committed to it and after a while become complacent. Those whose job it is to protect us often recommend such things as timers on lights, deadbolt locks and home security systems. Programs like neighborhood watch, operation identification and other law enforcement based home security programs all have a common thread, if you can afford it get a home security system. There are many things one can do that to use a law enforcement term “target harden” your home. Many of these things are relatively simple fixes that don’t break the bank, while making it harder on the bad guy.

Windows, for example, can be secured relatively easily by drilling a hole through either side of the interior window frame and into the outer window so that the window could be raised and a 8 or 10 penny nail inserted in each of the holes will prevent the window from being opened. The hole should be large enough to accommodate the nail without it being able to move. The nail’s length should be trimmed so that it fits flush against the window frame. You can drill several holes in the window to allow it to be pinned opened to varying heights as well as while it’s closed as an added level of protection.

Doors, especially exterior doors should have a security chain on them in addition to the deadbolt. To add another level of protection you can add simple slide bolts to the top and bottom of the door so when it is closed they can be activated. While this won’t completely stop someone from coming in through a door it will slow them down.

If you can afford one a home security system is a wise investment. Todays systems are vastly different from those of ten years ago for example. Todays home security systems not only monitor your home in the event of a break in, but can also be configured to alert you in cases of an increase in carbon monoxide levels in your home, smoke in your home, water in your home allowing you and your pets to escape in the event of such emergencies.

Some of todays systems are so advanced that if you have pets in your home, the alarm systems can be configured to allow the animals to have free run of the home. Sensors on interior doors, are able to be turned on and off depending on the area of the home that the homeowner has restricted the pets’ movements too. You can also add things like motion sensors which are set above the height of the dogs or cats and would activate not only the alarm, but also the cameras inside and outside of the home in the event a burglar was on the shorter side.

Now with todays smart phone technology many home security systems can be configured to not only be remotely activated, but also be monitored via your smart phone. Your system can allow you to activate and deactivate the alarm, but also monitor the cameras, turn on and off lights and the television and unlock the door you use most frequently to enter the house. The technology is about at limitied as your imagination and your financial resources.

Overall, it’s worth the piece of mind. We all care about our families and our furry friends and the security that comes from knowing we are keeping things safe for them is well worth the cost so we don’t worry when things go bump in the night.