How to React to a Home Alarm

When a home alarm goes off, it can be a terrifying experience for an individual. It can be helpful to know a few tips. Those who are prepared ahead of time will be less likely to freak out and not know what to do when the situation occurs.

Here are some tips to help people know how to react:

Tip #1: Don’t Panic: In some cases, the alarm has been triggered by something else versus a burglary. Also, the worst thing that an individual can do if there was a real burglary would be to panic. A person wants to think clearly if a burglary has happened.

Tip #2 Hide the Children: Hiding the children in closets or under the stairs can be a safety precaution. When an individual defends their home, they want to protect their family the most.

Tip #3 Alarm System is Not Enough: Criminals typically look for an easy target because they are not looking to get caught or injured. Larger dogs can help to deter a burglary because most criminals are not looking to deal with a threatening dog. Also, dogs can alert you to anything shady happening. Having pepper spray or even a firearm could save lives. The cops will not show up immediately, and that wait can feel like an eternity especially if the individual does not have a means of defending themselves.

Tip #4 Check the Alarm Panel: There are many cases where the alarm was triggered off by something other than an actual burglar. This could be due to a cat that knocked a vase off the table or even the wind could trigger the alarm.

Tip #5 Never Allow a Company to Install the Alarm Panel in Plain Sight: Burglars do not always lack intelligence. Sometimes they will peer in to see if the alarm panel has been activated or deactivated. They know that sometimes people forget to turn on their alarm system. If they are unable to see whether it is turned on or off, then in many cases, they will not risk it and simply move on.

Tip #6 Check Through Rooms: It can be a stressful situation when a home alarm system goes off. After an alarm has gone off, it is important to check through the rooms and make sure that no one is hiding out and waiting. Be sure to check with a weapon of some type for the most safety.

Tip #7 Carry an Emergency Flashlight: When it comes to using a firearm, no one should fire their weapon immediately. They should make sure that the target they are pointing their firearm at is truly a threat and a flashlight helps them to identify their target. Flashlights can also be useful in the event that the power goes out.

Tip #8 Practice Ahead of Time: Practicing a response ensures a person feels less panic in the event of an actual burglary. When an alarm goes off, it might take a few minutes for the police to arrive, so practicing the right response is important.

An alarm system offers individual peace of mind knowing that they will be protected if trouble occurs. People do not have to feel as stressed out when trouble strikes.