Home Security Benefits

In the blink of an eye, a home invasion, a house fire, or a carbon monoxide leak could mean the loss of your family and home. Home security is a valuable tool in protecting your home and loved ones by deterring criminals and giving your family help when you need it most.
Home security systems protect your loved ones. With a company always looking out for home invasions, fires, and carbon monoxide, the chances of your family being harmed by them are greatly reduced. Even if you’ve had a home invasion before, a security system can allow you to sleep easier at night knowing that your loved ones are protected and safe from harm.

Alarm systems prevent burglaries, and the potential loss of life and possessions. A recent study funded by the AIREF proves that 83% of potential robbers would try to determine if a home had a security system before attempting any criminal activity. Another 73% said that they would choose a different target if the home did have a system installed. Only 37% said that they would continue to attempt a burglary in a home that they knew had a security system. If you have a system installed, the monitoring team would alert the authorities as soon as the alarm was triggered, so that 37% would quickly find themselves behind bars, and your family would be safe.
A security system provides an immediate response from the local law enforcement office. In a true emergency, a few seconds could mean the difference between a life saved and a life lost. If you are not home, or unable to call law enforcement, a security system can detect a fire or an invasion and immediately alert the authorities to the situation. A person can succumb to smoke inhalation after just 10 seconds, rendering them incapable of getting to an exit, let alone phone the fire department. Carbon Monoxide is tasteless and odorless. A person could fall to carbon monoxide poisoning in five minutes, without ever knowing it was there. A security system that can detect the poison can alert you and the authorities that there is something wrong, giving you time to evacuate the house before breathing in too much of the poison.

Loss of irreplaceable possessions is mitigated by a security system. Many families have lost valuable family heirlooms and photos, things that can not be replaced by the insurance company. When the alarm triggers due to an invasions, the police are quickly notified before a would-be burglar has the chance to get away with your beloved possessions. Nothing can replace the earrings grandma wore to her wedding, or the pictures from your child’s first birthday, but a home security system can prevent them from ever being lost in the first place.
By deterring burglars and alerting the authorities in case of fire, home security systems prevent loss, and allow your family to sleep easier at night, knowing they are safe.