ADT Monitored Home Security Cameras

Video surveillance isn’t just for celebrities and business tycoons, thanks to companies like ADT. Security cameras have become an option for many everyday homeowners who want to enjoy the benefits of added protection.

Learn how you can make a security camera an integral part of your ADT monitored home alarm system.

Innovative security cameras and ADT monitoring

These days, technology provides consumers with many things that just weren’t within their reach a few years ago. No security company is taking advantage of this trend more than ADT.

Home security cameras can be an incredibly useful part of your ADT monitored security system. These devices help you keep track of what’s happening at your home from many angles.

Thanks to innovative technology used by ADT monitoring, wireless security cameras offer a number of security applications.

How it works

  1. Wireless cameras offer easy installation and placement.
  2. A piece of equipment called a video gateway collects the images and video footage and makes them available to a server.
  3. Anytime you want to see what’s going on at your home, you can access video and images using your web-enabled device.

As you can see, using an ADT monitored security camera is as easy as 1-2-3.

Using ADT, security cameras and remote access

Even if you haven’t considered having security cameras around your home, they can be a valuable addition to your home security solution from ADT monitoring. Alarm systems become full-fledged visual monitoring tools that you can use to:

  • Keep an eye on the kids when they’re home alone after school or at night
  • Make sure everything is OK at home when you are on vacation or business trips
  • Keep an eye on vacation homes when you aren’t there
  • Record and save footage of security-related events
  • Keep a 30-day record of activity

ADT Pulse® Interactive Solutions gives you the ability to view live footage and event-driven video clips from your security cameras.

ADT monitored security cameras – learn more today

Choosing to have an ADT monitored home security system with surveillance cameras installed in your home is a big decision. Talk to a security representative today about your options and whether a camera is right for you.

With the help of ADT monitoring, security cameras can take the safety of your home and loved ones to the next level. Get ADT home security monitoring and keep an eye on your home with an extra set of electronic eyes.