ADT Home Monitoring

Professional alarm monitoring can be one of the most useful tools that you’ll ever use when you are trying to keep your family safe. When it comes to professional security monitoring, no other company has the experience and resources of ADT.

ADT has been involved in alarm monitoring since the late 19th century, using technology inspired by the telegraph to help protect business offices and warehouses from fire and burglary. Today, ADT operates an electronic monitoring network that includes four Customer Monitoring Centers located across the United States and more than 2,000 dispatch operators.

The ADT monitoring network responds to more than 29 million alarm signals and 50,000 crimes in progress a year. ADT’s Customer Monitoring Centers work with 38,000 agencies – law enforcement, fire departments and emergency medical services – to help ensure that you get the assistance you need in an emergency.

The people behind your home monitoring are just as important as the equipment itself. You need a team of security professionals who can provide rapid response in an emergency.

ADT monitoring features and options

Homeowners get comprehensive threat detection from ADT monitoring. ADT’s 24-hour alarm monitoring service covers multiple threats in addition to break-ins.

Equipment such as motion detectors and high-decibel alarm sirens help protect homeowners from intruders. ADT monitoring options also include special sensors designed to alert homeowners and the monitoring network of other hazards, including:

  • Fire – Known by experts as a dangerous but very preventable threat
  • Carbon monoxide – A colorless, odorless and toxic gas that can build up to dangerous levels due to malfunctioning appliances
  • Internal flooding – Burst pipes and faulty hoses can cause serious damage in a matter of minutes

ADT monitoring customers also have monitoring options based on their phone service. Thanks to SafeWatch® CellGuard®, homeowners who don’t have landline phones can use cellular signals to connect their security systems to ADT’s monitoring network. Landline users can use CellGuard® as a backup connection in case their regular phone service is interrupted.

ADT security monitoring also offers the option of surveillance cameras through ADT Pulse® Interactive Solutions. Customers can use these security cameras to visually monitor activity at their homes, adding another layer of protection.

ADT: Home monitoring that earns your trust

Your home and your family represent two of the biggest investments that you will ever make, financially and emotionally. Why not invest in their safety with professional security monitoring from ADT?

You need a home monitoring system that you can rely on when an alarm signal indicates an emergency in progress. You need the experience and expertise of ADT home security monitoring.